Surrogacy Programs & Costs

Surrogacy program and surrogacy costs

Although Surrogacy has helped a number of couples around the world whilst letting them have the child of their dreams, the cost of the surrogacy programs always comes as a decisive factor in the whole process. On the other side, there aren’t any specific laws and guidelines in regard to surrogacy in Ireland and this is where most of the people from the country have to look outside in order to fulfill their dreams of having a child.

Alternative destinations to Surrogacy in Ireland


Talking about Australia, only Altruistic (commercial surrogacy) is allowed in the country and the intended parents cannot place advertisements in regards to the search of the surrogate. Moreover, surrogate matching and eggs and sperms donations are not allowed in the country. Barring few states, only the local citizens are permitted to seek the surrogacy programs in the country with cost for the am coming around to $50000-$60000.


Canada comes as a country with the highest happiness quotient and the affordable surrogacy programs can certainly be quoted as one of the reasons for the same. Moreover, only Commercial surrogacy is permissible for the International parents in the country and the cost generally comes around $90000.


Kenya can certainly be stated as the best one in the list. Not only you can get the most affordable and ethical surrogacy programs in the country, the quality of medical services and other aspects is worth appreciable. Moreover, anyone can look for a surrogacy arrangement irrespective of their sexual orientation and the cost of the overall surrogacy program in Kenya will come around $40000 to $50000.


Surrogacy in Ukraine is only allowed for the heterosexual couples whether it’s the local citizens or the International parents who are looking for a surrogacy program in the country. Moreover, the overall cost for the surrogacy program would come around $45000 for all the couples and this comes as one of the advantages of looking for a surrogacy arrangement in the country.

Why choose Surrogate world?

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