Surrogacy Process

Surrogacy process

Surrogacy has helped numerous couples in the past few years whilst providing them a long lasting solution for their infertility issues. Moreover, everyone can have their own child even though they could not conceive and this is where it has become so popular amongst the masses in the recent times. Still there are people who are carrying their own misconceptions in the same regards and that’s where spreading the awareness in the same regards is required whilst educating them about the thorough process of Surrogacy.

Types of Surrogacy

If we talk about the various types of surrogacy, there are two main types of surrogacy i.e Gestational surrogacy and Traditional surrogacy.

Gestational surrogacy: Gestational surrogacy is that arrangement where the embryo developed in a lab dish with the mixing of sperm and eggs of the intended parents gets placed into the surrogate mother’s uterus and she would then be carrying the baby for them in the process. This arrangement is quite popular in the wake of the fact that he surrogate mother won’t be having any genetic connection to the future child.

Traditional surrogacy: This is a surrogacy arrangement where the sperm of the intended father is been injected in the uterus of the surrogate mother and she carries the baby for the period of 9 months. Hereby, the surrogate mother will be having a genetic connection with the born child.

Surrogacy process

Search for the surrogate mother

Firstly the couples have to make up their mind in regards to pursue a surrogacy arrangement for their future child requirements and once they are through with it, they now have to look for a surrogate mother via their connections or social network. You can also seek the services from a surrogacy agency as that can ease up the whole process for you in the same regards

Screening and matching the surrogate

The next step in the same process is matching the surrogate mother as per the needs and requirements of he intended parents. Moreover, she is also required to get through a proper screening for any sort of health or psychological issues.

Signing the agreement and the embryo transfer process

Once its been ascertained that the surrogate rightly matches the needs and expectations of the Intended parents, she is now required to sign an agreement with them in order to agree terms for the future child and the compensations structure for the surrogate mother. Once the agreement is been signed, the embryo transfer process is then carried over with the help of an IVF clinic where the embryo is been placed into the uterus of the surrogate mother.

Custody of the child

Once the child has been born, the Intended parents have to file for the custody of the child ( subject to respective laws of various states and countries) and a legal attorney can help the intended parents in the same task.

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