Surrogacy in Thailand

Surrogacy in Thailand

Thailand has come up as one of the most preferred destinations for Surrogacy arrangement by couples from around the world since many years, as the cost of the arrangement along with he medical facilities is quite feasible there. Moreover, it’s mainly due to the recent ban on surrogacy for the International parents which have halted the whole efforts of the couples from around the world.

Surrogacy ban in Thailand

Surrogacy isn’t banned completely in Thailand and all the married heterosexual Thai couples are allowed to seek surrogacy programs in the country as usual. Moreover, one of the couples looking for the surrogacy arrangement must be a Thai national and the couples have to be married for three years. On the other side, single parents and same sex parents form all nationalities and citizenships are not allowed to pursue any type of Surrogacy arrangement in the country.

Additionally, the surrogate mother has to be a sibling of one of the partners seeking surrogacy arrangement and must be married along with at least one kid in her family. On the other side, the couples have to seek permission from her husband in order to go ahead for the surrogacy process.

What are the alternatives for Surrogacy in Thailand?

If you are an International couple looking for a best surrogacy program in Thailand, you might not be able to do so due to the existing ban on surrogacy in the country for all the International couples. Still you have some better alternatives like Surrogacy in Kenya or surrogacy in Ukraine in the same context.

Surrogacy in Kenya: Surrogacy is quite cheaper and affordable for all the International parents in the country and it is available for people from around the world irrespective of their sexual orientation. Moreover, they can also send the frozen embryos or sperms if they cannot visit the country in the initial stages. Talking about the cost factors, surrogacy in Kenya would cost around $45000.

Surrogacy in Ukraine: Ukraine is one fot he fewer countries which permits the surrogacy programs which are assisted by ART services like IVF and IUI. Moreover the law in the country confirms that if the child is born out of the surrogate via IVF or any other ART services, it would belong to the Intended parents and they would get their name on the birth certificate of the future child. As far as cost is concerned, it would cost around $42000.

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