Surrogacy in Kenya

Surrogacy in Kenya

Kenya has emerged as one of the most sought after surrogacy destinations in the past few years and this can surely be due to its cheap cost and supportive laws for all the International parents looking for the most affordable and ethical surrogacy program.

Laws regarding surrogacy arrangement in Kenya

Kenya doesn’t have any specific laws and regulations regarding surrogacy in the country but it offers every citizen (local or foreign) the right to form a family within the ethics of the Kenyan culture and society. This could very well be the reason why Kenya has become the most favorable option for all those international parents who are looking for a good surrogacy program at most reasonable cost.

On the other side, Kenya comes as a homophobic country so you just got to keep few precautionary measures aside whilst pursuing the surrogacy in the country being a gay couple or same sex couple.

Claiming the parenthood of the child

As per the existing surrogacy policies in the country, the future child getting its birth via a surrogacy arrangement automatically gets the citizenship of the country where the intended parents are coming from. The born child would be getting the name of the birth mother and the genetic father listed on its birth certificate and once the surrogate mother hands over the child to the Intended parents, they can travel to their country having the custody of the child.

Surrogacy cost in Kenya

Kenya comes as one of the most favorable surrogacy hubs for all the International parents and the main reason behind the same can said to be the cheap and best surrogacy programs in the country. On the other side, you can manage a surrogacy arrangement in around $30000 to $38000 inclusive of all costs and expenses. Additionally, the intended parents can bring in their own sperm donors, egg donors and embryos to the country.

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