Surrogacy in Ireland

Surrogacy in Ireland

Talking about a country like Ireland, there are no guidelines and legislation in place for Surrogacy as of yet and any agreement between the surrogate mother and the Intended parents is not enforceable by law. That’s why it’s always more than difficult for any couple to go ahead with any type o surrogacy arrangement in the country and they often have to head towards other countries in search for the dreams of having a child.

If you are one of the couples who is looking for a trusted and ethical surrogacy program outside Ireland, Kenya and Ukraine comes as two of the most favorable surrogacy destinations.

Surrogacy in Kenya

The existing legislation in Kenya in regards to surrogacy is something which makes it an attractive destination for all the International parents who are looking for a trusted surrogacy program at much affordable cost. All the couples irrespective of their sexual orientation can look forward to their choice of surrogacy options in the country as the Kenyan law permits every person around to form a family within the social and moral ethics of the country.

The total cost for the surrogacy program would come around $45000 and you can also send frozen sperms and embryos if you cannot travel to the country in the initial stages of the surrogacy process.

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine comes as one of the few countries which allows the ART led surrogacy process along with egg donation services alongside .Moreover, the Article 123 of the Ukrainian family code states that the child born form the surrogate mother whilst using the ART services would belong to the Intended parents and their name will be written on the birth certificate of the future child.

Talking about the cost factor, the total cost incurred for the Surrogacy program would come around $42000 and only the heterosexual couples are allowed to pursue the surrogacy programs in the country.

How can Surrogacy world help you in getting the best of surrogacy in Ireland?

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