Surrogacy in Georgia

Surrogacy in Georgia

If a couple is planning for a surrogacy program in Georgia, they must be aware of the fact that every state in the country comes along with their respective rules and regulations in the same regards. Thus, it’s always been recommended that the Intended parents must look out for all the existing legislations within the respective states before proceeding ahead with their surrogacy plan in Georgia.

Surrogacy laws in Georgia

Georgia doesn’t come along with any predefined surrogacy laws and all of the states have their own laws in place for the surrogacy processes within their respective territories .This is where you must need an efficient surrogacy agency to guide and support through every step of your surrogacy journey in the country.

How to go about Surrogacy process in Georgia?

Even though the surrogacy process of a particular couple would depend on their specific needs and requirements, the surrogacy process in Georgia goes through in the following manner:

  • The intended parents can search for a surrogate mother via social network, word of mouth or with the help of a surrogacy agency.
  • Once the surrogate mother is identified, she along with the couples might need to go through a list of diagnosis and tests to ascertain the health and psychological conditions.
  • After the screening process is been through, a legal agreement needs to be drawn out between both the parties in regards to all the risks, responsibilities ,liabilities and expectations coming in the whole surrogacy process
  • Once the legal process is been through, the embryo transfer process is been performed and the embryo gets implanted to the womb of the surrogate mother in the process.
  • After the pregnancy is been confirmed, the attorney then needs to file for a pre birth or parentage orders for the future child months before its birth.

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