Surrogacy in China

Surrogacy in China

If we talk about the legal implications of surrogacy in china, it is currently banned in the country as per the ruling by the ministry of health in the year 2001.As per the advisory, none of the medical institutions or the specialists are allowed to carry out any type of surrogacy arrangement within the legal territories of the country .Still there are some areas where this process is been carried out illegally away from the sights of the government agencies.

How Kenya has came over as the most preferred alternative to Surrogacy in CHINA

Moreover, all those couples who are looking for a surrogacy arrangement in China are largely going to Kenya in order to pursue their surrogacy dreams. Kenya has emerged as one of the most favorable countries for couples looking for an ethical and affordable surrogacy plan and within a span of few years; it has attracted thousands of couple’s from across the globe. On the other side, Surrogacy is legal for everyone in Kenya irrespective of their sexual orientation.

Advantages of pursuing surrogacy in Kenya

  • You will get the best and most affordable surrogacy arrangement as per your specific surrogacy requirements
  • The legislation in Kenya allows everyone to form a family within the ethics and values of the society irrespective of their sexual orientation
  • Despite of being affordable, the medical treatments and services in the country are on par with the rest of the world.
  • Most of the surrogate mothers in the country look forward to stay with their families during the pregnancy period and this saves a lot of money to the intended parents.
  • Any women above the age of 25 years can become a surrogate in Kenya and she needs to go through a series of diagnosis and tests in the process
  • The IVF clinics in the country are also one of the best in the world

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