Surrogacy in Canada

Surrogacy in Canada

Surrogacy in Canada comes with its own terms and conditions and it’s not permitted to seek paid services from surrogate mother on the country. On the other side, the paid service of the human sperms and eggs is also not allowed within the Canadian territories. Also, only the Altruistic surrogacy is allowed in the country on the condition that the matching of the surrogates won’t be happening in the process.

As far as the surrogacy agencies in Canada are concerned, they are only allowed to offer paid services in regards to:

  • making recommendation in regards to legal assistance required from lawyers, psychologists, fertility clinics, doctors, and hospitals
  • offering all type of counseling services to the intended parents regarding every step in their surrogacy journey.
  • Providing all kind of emotional and moral support to the intended parents throughout their surrogacy journey.
  • random services in regards to the background checking of the surrogate mother
  • providing assistance regarding any type of documentation and legal formalities to be accomplished during the surrogacy process.
  • Checking the background of the IVF clinics and the surrogacy agency
  • Supporting the intended parents in relation to their individual medical requirements
  • arranging meetings with both Intended parents and the surrogate mother
  • providing Logistics support to the intended parents along with managing their travel arrangements
  • assisting the clients in managing the data and the records in regards to their overall expenses and cost incurred during the trip
  • playing the role of a bridge between the intended parents and the surrogate mother in terms of all the communication required
  • supporting the couples with their birth plans and other surrogacy related tasks
  • accommodating and assisting the DNA testing work during the surrogacy process
  • Helping the couples while filing of the custody of the child after the birth of the baby
  • Staying in communication with the surrogate mother even after the completion of the surrogacy process

Advantages of pursuing surrogacy in Canada

Talking about the benefits of pursuing the surrogacy in Canada, the costs factor comes as the biggest one of them. While the same cost around $120,000 in USA, it can come around to only $70, 000 in Canada .On the other side, the baby born is instantly eligible for the Canadian citizenship and the parents can fly back to their own country after accomplishing all the legal implications in regards to the child’s custody.

On the other side, Canada also provide national health care service, which would be taking care of all the charges related to the surrogacy and related medical assistance. This ultimately helps both the surrogate mother and the Intended parents to save a lot of money in the whole surrogacy process. Still this social security service doesn’t really cover the International parents citizens, so every cost in relation to NICU care or an incubator (in case of a premature delivery) has to be covered by the Intended parents in the process.

How Surrogate world can help you in the same?

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