Surrogacy in Cambodia

Surrogacy in Cambodia

Surrogacy in Cambodia is prohibited as per the advisory released by the ministry of health and justice on November 2016 and all the related government authorities and medical entities have been directed to implement the same ruling in the strictest manner possible. Even though the statement from the ministry has exempted the ART and other infertility treatments from the ruling, it has put a complete ban on surrogacy within the legal territories of Cambodia.

Other alternatives to Surrogacy in Cambodia

Even though surrogacy is not permitted in Cambodia, fertility treatments like IVF and IUI can be carried on without any restrictions. Still this has led to the illegal transfer of embryos and oocytes by many IVF clinics around the country and that’s how surrogacy is been operational illegally within the territories of Cambodia.

This is why surrogacy in Kenya has come over as the most preferred alternative to Surrogacy in Cambodia by many couples around the world. It’s not just the cost of surrogacy in Kenya which is very low as compared to other countries, but the medical treatments and other services are also very advanced in the country.

Benefits of Kenya as a surrogacy hub

Surrogacy in Kenya comes along with loads of benefits in terms of costs and other aspects. Anyone who is looking to have a child irrespective of their sexual orientation can really find Kenya as most favorable for their parenthood dreams. The Kenyan legislation thoroughly supports any couple which is trying to form a family whilst catering to the existing social and moral ethics of the country and they would be termed as the legal parents of the child even before its birth.

Moreover, most of the surrogate mothers in Kenya prefer to live with their families and own accommodation and that can really save a lot of money for all the intended parents who are looking for a surrogacy program within their budget specifications. Talking about the cost of surrogacy program in the Kenya, it comes around within $50,000 to $60,000.

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