Surrogacy in Australia

Surrogacy in Australia

Surrogacy in Australia is governed at the state level and all of the states have their own set of specific rules and guidelines regarding the surrogacy arrangements allowed in the country .Moreover, when we talk about the available options for the International parents in the country, Altruistic surrogacy (commercial surrogacy) is permitted in most of the states around the country for all the heterosexual couples.

Surrogacy for same sex parents in Australia

On the other hand states and cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Victoria, SA and NSW permits the gay couples or the same sex parents to pursue surrogacy in the country. Moreover, compensated surrogacy (an arrangement where the surrogate mother gets paid more than her medical expenses) is not allowed in the country .Additionally, the states like NSW, QLD and ACT doesn’t permit overseas surrogacy to its residents by any means.

Searching the surrogate mother in Australia

Searching for the surrogate mother via advertising and other modes is not allowed in the country and the intended parents can only look for the same via their own connections and friends’ network. Moreover, the couples must verify the person they are bringing on board as a surrogate as this would play a big role in the success of the overall agreement between both the parties. This is where hiring a surrogacy agency comes fruitful for the wholesome efforts of the couple in the same regards.

Screening and diagnosis of the surrogate mother

Screening process for a surrogate mother is mandatory in order to check her for any sort of health or psychological issues which may impact the overall health of the future child. If you are dealing with an agency in the same context, it might be a routine work for them but if you are dealing it on your own, you have to take care of the following aspects:

  • look for surrogate mother who has carried successful pregnancies in the past
  • The surrogate mother must got a family of her own
  • she must be coming with a stable financial background
  • Must be healthy in both physical and psychological terms
  • Don’t have a history of various health issues

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