PGS Treatment

Pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS)

Pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) comes beneficial for all those couples who are planning for a baby via IVF and want to test their genetics before the birth of the child in order to avoid the transportation of any kind of genetic health issues to the future child. This testing is generally conducted before the IVF cycle and it also comes good for all those old couples who are looking for a child via IVF and want to check down the probability of any healthy issues to be carried over to the future child.

Pre-implantation genetic screening is kind of a blessing for all those couples who are looking for baby via IVF treatment and want to ensure that their future child is coming without any sort of genetic issues inherited from the parents or the family.

Significance of PGS (Pre-implantation genetic screening)

  • PGS comes fruitful for all those couples who are aged above 40 and want to pursue IVF treatment in order to seek their parenthood dreams
  • PGS also comes beneficial for all those women who have gone through various miscarriages in the past and don’t want to get the same repeated in the near future
  • PGS will further ensure that the pregnant women would not be going through any sort of genetic or chromosomal issues during their pregnancy period

Benefits of PGS (Pre-implantation genetic screening)

  • PGS combined with PGD would help the patients to diagnose any sort of genetic disease or chromosomal abnormalities within the patient that they don’t want to carry forward to their future child.
  • PGS further helps in tracking any kind of abnormal embryos, and then avoid the transfer of the same to the womb of the women during her pregnancy period
  • It also minimizes the risk of multiple pregnancies as the healthy embryos are picked and then used for the implantation purpose in the future.
  • PGS helps the parents to eliminate the risk of transfer of any kind of inherited health issues to the future child in the process.

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