PGD Treatment

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is one of the best and most significant methods to diagnose any type of genetic defects or chromosomal issues in the Embryos. Apart from diagnosing any sort of genetic issue, it can also let you check and ascertain the overall quality of the embryo whilst it’s going through its developmental stage.

How PGD process works?

  • In the beginning, few of the cells get derived from the embryos (which get developed for 5 days) via micro surgical process. After the cells collection process get through, the remaining cells gets frozen.
  • The DNA of the cells then gets analyzed whilst checking for any sort of inherited health issues in each of the embryo. The process might tale few days in the process
  • Once it’s been located that the embryos are free from any type of genetic issue, it then gets successfully implanted in the uterus and the medical specialists then have to wait for the implantation process in order to ascertain the overall pregnancy chances thereafter.
  • Embryos which are free from any types of genetic issues then get implanted into the uterus or get preserved for future use via cryopreservation and the bad ones are destroyed within the same process.

Significance of PGD during the IVF Treatment

  • PGD is one of the best methods to treat for any kind of genetic issues with the embryos during the pregnancy cycle of a women
  • Best diagnosis process to ascertain the infertility issues pertaining to mid aged women
  • Comes as the best option for all those women who have gone through various embryo transfer processes without achieving pregnancy
  • All those women which have been diagnosed with any type of genetic and chromosomal issues within their pregnancy period can get benefitted out of it
  • Women with single gene mutations can also be benefitted via PGD as this helps in avoiding the same issues form carrying forwarded to the future child
  • PGD also helps in avoiding issues like genetic disorders and chromosomal defects which may act as a barrier for the women during her pregnancy period
  • It also support and facilitate the whole pre- implantation of embryo to the woman’s uterus which further ensure the safe and smooth delivery of the child there after..
  • PGD also ensure that the future child would be born without any type of genetic issues and chromosomal abnormalities
  • It also helps in discovering and eliminating any type of issues pertaining to the parental genes.

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