IVF and Fertility Solutions

IVF and Fertility solutions

Infertility has come up as one of the biggest curse for thousands of couples around the world and within the past few years, the numbers have seen a big surge. Moreover, in the midst of all these happenings, IVF has come up as one of the best solution in regards to the infertility issues of the couples around. Still the situation has gone worse in the past few years with the lack of some good IVF centers around and more and more people are getting into the grabs of this evil in the meantime.

At Surrogate world, we have assisted and supported over 600 couples across the globe with all the best and most advanced medical treatments and IVF services around. Apart from being the best surrogacy agency in Ireland, we are proficient in delivering state of the art treatments like ICSI, PGD/PGS, Embryo Scope, Cryopreservation, FET, TESE, Endometrial Coculture, and Assisted Embryo Hatching.


ICSI involves injecting the spermatozoa into the egg in order to enhance its development process in the later stages. Moreover, the retrieved embryo is then cultured for the next three to four days, before transferring it to the women’s womb or preserving it further for future use under cryopreservation.


PGD: Pre-implantation genetic testing is used in order to check the embryos and screen the eggs for any sort of genetic disorder which may hamper the health and growth of the future child.

PGS: Pre-implantation genetic screening is also a relevant process in order to screen and diagnose the eggs and/or embryos for any type of chromosome abnormalities present within.


EmbryoScope TLM (Time lapse) is generally been used to track and monitor timely growth and development of the embryos within the IVF cycles.


The Oocytes retrieved during the fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization cycles are then going to be preserved for the future use.

FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer)

The Embryos preserved whilst using the cryopreservation process further gets defrosted and later been transferred into the women’s uterus at a feasible time during the menstrual cycle.

Microscopic Testicular Sperm Extraction (micro-TESE)

Microscopic Testicular Sperm Extraction (micro-TESE) indulges the process of using a micro surgical tool to extract sperms from the male testicles. The process is been used in case where the male partner is bene diagnosed with infertility due to less or low quality sperm in the testes.

Endometrial Co-Culture

Autologous endometrial co-culture (AECC or, simply, co-culture) is an IVF technique which is largely been brought in use to make sure that development of the embryo go ahead in the normal manner and the pregnancy cycle get through in a healthy manner alongside.

Assisted Embryo Hatching

Assisted Embryo Hatching is mainly a laboratory procedure that is brought into practice along with the vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. Moreover, the whole process gets through with a motive that the procedure would help the embryo to expand, let it implant into the uterine wall, and further assist and support the overall pregnancy process.