IUI Treatment

IUI (intrauterine insemination)

IUI (intrauterine insemination) is a process where the sperm derived from the male testes are placed into the uterus of the women during the Ovulation time. This is mostly been used in cases where the couples are struggling with various infertility issues and the female partner is going through the cervical mucus issues. On the other side, the whole process is brought into practice along with some ovulation stimulation drugs.

Moreover, the female partner is first screened for any type of hormonal imbalance problems, infections or health issues before going ahead with IUI. This is specifically been done in order to avoid any type of health complications to occur during the pregnancy and the treatment process.

On the other side, IUI is generally been brought into practice for men and women who are facing following issues and situations:

  • Males which are experiencing issues like low sperm counts, low quality sperm or sperms with poor motility
  • Couples experiencing certain unexplained infertility issues within their lives
  • Couples bringing in egg donors and sperm donors’ intro their treatment process
  • Couples who went through a number of unsuccessful IVF treatments
  • couples experiencing various issues during their sexual intercourse process (also been known as Sexual Dysfunction)
  • Couples which are facing different types of unexplained issues during their sexual intercourse session even whilst going through certain fertility medications or IUI

How and when the IUI is brought into practice?

IUI is generally been used during the ovulation cycle whilst combining certain fertility drugs which the female partner is taking to stimulate her ovaries during the IVF treatment. Significantly, as per random studies conducted in the same context, it’s been ascertained that bringing IUI in use along with certain fertility drugs eventually enhances the chances of conceiving for a couple.

Eventually, the patient or the doctor can assume the timings of the ovulation whilst using certain Ovulation predictor kits or fertility monitors. It must be followed whilst conducting a thorough ultrasound and/or hormone testing for the patient. The studies have also concluded that the IUI can enhance the chance s of conception for the couple even in case they are facing certain kind of infertility issues.

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