Blastocyst Treatment

Blastocyst culture

Blastocyst is a specific name which is been given to the embryo after it crosses the fertilization period of 5-6 days. Moreover, an embryo has to reach up to his developmental stage before getting implanted into the uterus of the female partner who is looking forward to conceive out of the whole process. On the other side, the formations of the blastocyst goes to various dimensions which is going to be completely different from the earlier stages of the embryo simply due to the number of cells present in the blastocyst.

Same cells then gets transformed into other categories like trophectoderm( a stage which plays a crucial role in the overall implantation process within the lining of the uterine) and the inner cell mass ( which supports the increase in the number of number of cells to the foetus )

Benefits of blastocyst

One of the biggest pros of the blastocyst comes as its capability of enhancing the conception chances of the female more than the embryo within the IVF treatment. Moreover, the embryos, on the other side, get transferred within the 3rd day of the developmental process and this is where a blastocyst has a better chance of making the conception happen.

Importance of Blastocycst culture

  • Blastocyst culture brings up better chances for all those couples who have gone through numerous unsuccessful IVF cycles in their lives. A Blastocyst kick start the process of embryo transfer to the uterus within the 3rd day as most of the embryos couldn’t achieve that stage even after 3-5 days.
  • A Blastocyst culture helps the physician with the capability of locating the best available embryo
  • It further minimizes the risk of multiple pregnancies within the IVF process whilst limiting the number of embryos which gets developed in the process.
  • Blastocysts comes as a blessing for all the women which are aged more than 37 years

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