Become a Donor

Become an egg donor

If we talk about the egg donation process, it generally includes a women volunteer who is willing to assist a couple with her eggs in order to let them conceive in the process. This needs to be done by a fertility expert who will do it via artificial fertilization and use those eggs for the assisted reproduction for the couples in need.

This process of egg donations isn’t that tough when you have an expert team of doctors around. They are the ones who firstly ensure the health and well being of the Donor’s ovaries and then go ahead with the planned approach to obtain the eggs. Same eggs are then been used for the IVF process. The fertilization process is been supported and assisted by the medical experts in a lab dish and the resultant embryo is then been transferred into the surrogate’s uterus. This further results in pregnancy and eventually brings up the future child into the world.

Surrogate world is equipped with the best team of physicians and medical consultants to help and assist facilitate any Egg donation process with perfection. We duly welcome egg donors who would like to donate their eggs in order to help someone with their conceptions process and provide all the support and guidance if the even want to become a surrogate mother in the same regards.

Who all can become an egg donor?

Her at Surrogate world, we are equipped with proficient nurse co-coordinators who will screen the potential egg donors. You can simply fill up a form and meet up with our experts in order to ascertain your eligibility to become an egg donor.

Following is the eligibility criteria to become an egg donor

  • The candidate must be within the age group of 21-35. Still it largely depends on the physical and mental health of the candidate as well.
  • Must be carrying along the ideal height and weight
  • Must not be addicted to smoking or Alcohol or any kind of drugs
  • The candidate must be willing to present her complete medical history which must mention all the elements of her general health, gynecological history, surgeries and family’s health history alongside.
  • The potential egg donors must also be willing to go through a complete gynecological examination.
  • She will be going through an extensive list of tests and diagnosis to ascertain her medical condition, mental health, sexual and genetic conditions as well.

Here at Surrogate world, we are backed by years of experience in guiding and counseling all the egg donors on their way through to the egg donations process.

Various Egg donations options

Whilst been an egg donor, you always come around with options to stay anonymous or known throughout the process.

Anonymous donors: These are the egg donors which donate their eggs without revealing their identity to the Intended parents. The Couples hereby would only be made available with certain information about the egg donor and rest of the details will be kept hidden from them.

Known donors: This includes a known friend, a sister or a loved one who is willing to donate her eggs to the couple in the surrogacy process. These categories of donors are known as donors. These donors have to abide by certain regulations and criteria to fulfill in regards to the whole egg donations process.

Contact our egg donations specialist today for all your questions and queries in the same regards !