Assisted Hatching

Assisted Hatching

Assisted hatching is something which is brought into practice in order to facilitate the implantation process of embryo to the womb of the women who is seeking the IVF treatment. Although the whole process may looks like simple at the first instance, it generally involves a number of steps during the course of the treatment. This is where the couples have to keep calm and stay patient during the whole process.

What actually is assisted hatching?

Assisted hatching comes as one of the procedures conducted in the laboratory along with the IVF treatment. While we understand that IVF is generally about missing the female eggs with the male sperms in a lab dish, the fertilized eggs are firstly monitored for a period of 3 to 6 days till they develop as an embryo. Once the embryos are developed and fertilized, the best one then gets placed into the women’s uterus whilst preserving the remaining ones for future use.

Moreover, once the embryos get developed, it gets surrounded by a protective shell of cells (zona pellucid) and it keeps on breaking the same once it starts growing. This is where the physicians might suggest making a small crack in the outer shell of the embryo just before its gets placed into the women’s body. This process is known as assisted hatching.

Relevance of Assisted hatching

  • Hatching comes as a significant part of most of the successful pregnancies and births but assisted hatching always comes as a mandatory process where the embryos doesn’t hatch on their own
  • It comes as a great support for all those women which have gone through two or more than two unsuccessful cycles
  • Comes as a great help for all the women who are aged beyond 35 years
  • There may be situations when the embryos come along with certain abnormalities like thick outer wall during the IVF treatment. Assisted hatching comes as a big support in all such cases.

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